How to Buy Adsense Account In 2016

I told you a few days ago that prior to monetize your blog , there are steps to be followed, including the one to wait at least 3 months so that your blog has gained some popularity and has minimal content to be accepted by the blog monetization platforms especially adsense.

Or, if you want to buy adsense account at low price you can go to this website to get your adsense account approved instantly!

Now this is the only easiest way to get your adsense account approved and you must keep your website completely within the adsense terms and conditions.

There are many websites that sell adsense account. But only a few are providing legitimate adsense accounts. So be careful while you are buying your adsense account especially in 2016.

Now after the adsense account approval, it is a very easy process to get started with adsense.

There are ad units and banners that can be found after you login to your adsense account. Each time when a visitors clicks on the ad in your website, you get a small amount from Google.

On the other side, it is the advertisers (brands and businesses) who pay Google to have advertising on other sites like ours: they called this is as pay per click.

Google thus manages to put advertisements in the same niche of your website. Indeed, someone who goes on a jewelry website will be more inclined to see jewelry type ads in their website.

You will have advertisements that will be the same as the theme of your blog.

How much your adsense account will earn every day?

You should know that each click will make you less than 1 euro to 1 cent. And the click rate must be 1:10 ratio if you want your adsense account to be completely safe. This means that you can earn a very very very small amount ! Unless you have millions of visitors on you blog, it certainly not possible to live without this type of income. On my old blogs where I had about 1,000 to 1,500 visitors a month, I make around $2 everyday …

While it is not a main source of my online income, I find that advertisements give my website a side business. We can later replace them with affiliate banners.

Do not put too much adsense ads on your website, because it tires the reader who does not know where to read and click, and he will eventually get bored and close your site. (Between Google allows 3 maximum ads on your site).

You can also look over techcurnch site if you want more adsense tips. In the upcoming articles i will be adding more details about how to

Pacsafe | The World’s Most Secure Backpack

Have you been victimized by thieves? If yes, you’re not alone, and I personally hate it! Having your stuff stolen while traveling is a misadventure and it’s should not be (at any point) included in your experience. It will definitely ruin your vacation. So, how can we travel in a worry-free adventure? Well, here’s a dedicated gear creating smart new ways to keep your stuff secure!


Meet Pacsafe, a brand with a mission is to empower people to travel with confidence and peace of mind. Pacsafe is a high-quality smart travel gear with built-in innovative anti-theft technology.

It was born in 1998. It was established in Hong Kong by two Australian travelers, Rob Schlipper and Magnus McGlashan, who sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries.

Pacsafe is also now in the Philippines! Making it the first and only anti-theft bag and travelware in the country.

Ultimatesafe 32L Anti Theft Backpack

Here’s the official backpack of ‘Hari ng Lakbay‘, the award-winning Ultimatesafe 32L anti-theft adventure travel pack. It is the world’s most secure backpack. Not only does it meet international maximum carry-on standards, it’s ideal for long “weekend get-aways” and is large enough to store all your gear and stuff. Personally, this is the best backpack I’ve ever seen! It’s totally amazing!


The Ultimatesafe™ 32L won the OutDoor Industry award in Germany, 2011 for innovation and quality. It was also the recepient of Gearjunkie’s ‘Best in Show‘ 2011 award, as a stand-out product in innovation. In 2012, the Ultimatesafe 32L was listed on the Best Rated Reviews site as a recommended item.

The Ultimatesafe 32L is packed with outstanding anti-theft features, such as the portable Travelsafe 20L, removable laptop sleeve, eXomesh® cage system, slashproof staps and RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket keep an eye on your valuables and electronic gear, allowing you to keep your eyes on the things that really matter.

The Travelsafe 20L

Worried about your stuff everytime you leave the hotel? If your hotel doesn’t have a safe/locker (i.e youth hostels, guest houses, campsites and B&B’s) it would be wise to use this portable Travelsafe™ 20L to protect your belongings. It can store all your valuables and can be locked and left to a secure fixture to deter opportunistic thieves. It’s large enough to stash a 17″ laptop, DSLR camera and other valuables, yet it can be folded down small to make travel easier.

It has Smart eXomesh cage system. eXomesh is a protective slashproof wire mesh product that has been woven together using stainless steel cables and crimps. Their inspiration behind the original Pacsafe product and travel security products came while travelling in South …

Negros Chronicles | Home of the Best Chicken Inasal

Grilled Chicken. More Fun in the Philippines!

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental – The Chicken Inasal of Bacolod spreads like wildfire around the Philippine archipelago. It even rank top five in CNN’s List of 50 delicious Filipino Dishes. A list of foods that defines the Philippines.Chicken Inasal is a special grilled chicken. This dish uses unique ingredients for its marinade and basting sauce that create an extraordinary flavor.Today, restaurants that are serving Chicken Inasal seem to be everywhere. So where did this famous Visayan Chicken barbecue started?   In August last year, we traveled to Bacolod, the city of smiles and the place where Chicken Inasal originated. There’s nothing like Inasal in Manokan Country, home of the authentic and ‘Aida’s Chicken got the best Chicken Inasal ever! Every part of the chicken is grilled. Well, my favorite part is pecho (breast). I’m tellin’ you, it’s the best-tasting chicken in the world! For me, it’s best eaten with garlic rice topped with basting sauce. It’s perfect to eat with your hands! But always remember to wash your hands first.Make sure to include Manokan Country to your itinerary and check-out Aida’s Chicken. It’s highly recommended.

Umayatay Wakgat mo

SAGADA, Mountain Province – ‘Umayatay Wakgat mo!’ the first Kankana-ey phrase I’ve learned which means ‘Good Morning’.
The Kankana-eys are one of the six Cordilleran or Igorot ethnic groups. Most of them can be found in Western Mountain Province, Some are located in Southern Ilocos Sur and Northern Benguet.

The term ‘Kankana-ey‘ came from the languages which they speak. There are many kinds of dialects that the Kankana-eys use but it is still the same. The dialects only differ only in intonation, some words and applications.

The Kankana-ey built sloping terraces to maximize farm space in the rugged terrain of the Cordilleras like most Igorot ethnic groups. Kankana-eys of Western Mountain Province from the municipalities of Sagada and Besao identify themselves as part of a tribe called Applai.
It’s a very peaceful village located in the mountains of northern Philippines. For the past decade, people from different countries have visited it to experience the local culture and the wonderful sites of nature.

The Kankana-ey houses are built like the other houses of the Igorots which also reflect their social status.There were instances that men sleep separated with the women. Only men are allow to sleep in the room of the ritual hall. Council of elders are those who provides delinquent penalties.
Today, Most of Kankana-ey in Sagada are Anglicans. Making Sagada the only Christian-town not dominated by Roman Catholics. They’re also fluent in English than Tagalog I must say.

Sagada stands about 1,500 meters above sea level in the heart of Cordillera Mountain Range but you will be surprise with the limestones that are similar with those you can see in the shores of Palawan. 

It is said that Luzon was submerged from the ocean billion years ago. Fossils of sea shells and starfish can be found inside the caves of Lumiang and Sumaging.

We were so lucky, the moment we got to Sagada, it was their First Etag Festival. It was staged its first Etag Festival last January 29 to February 2, 2011. The Etag Festival is still part of government’s projects of strengthening tourism in the countryside and improving the town’s economy via tourism. “Etag” is smoked mountain ham, a dish is also an embodiment of Sagada culture. Etag is prepared by choosing the best cut of pork meat, then adding a generous amount of salt. It is smoked for at least 30 minutes to three hours for two weeks, using varieties of red wood or oak. After smoking, it is stored in clay pots and is eaten as is or could be added to other dishes.

Occupying territories rich in natural resources, indigenous peoples in the Philippines like the Kankana-ey continue to be uprooted from their land

Hiking Mount Maculot| Perfect for Family Bonding.

Mount Maculot, a major tourist attraction from our province Batangas, in the town of Cuenca. It’s popular among mountain climbers and campers. The trail can be hiked by first-time climbers as it is an easy trail. It is not far from Manila, more famous during holy week.

Elevation: Mount Maculot, 947 m (3,107 ft); The Rockies 700 m (2,300 ft)

If you’re from Batangas, you know that there’s a folklore that continue to tell children that if they don’t brush their hair with fine-toothed comb before sleeping, the kuto (head louse) will fly them to Mt. Maculot where a giant louse lives. The name Maculot derived from the Tagalog word kulot, meaning kinky/curly. It is said that curly-haired Aetas once lived in this mountain.

How To Get There

The morning after Easter Sunday, we (Me together with my father and little sister) decided to hike the Mount Pinatubo for the first time. It was a 45-minute drive from Balayan to Cuenca by motorbike. If your coming from Manila, you can take any Lemery bound bus can take you to Cuenca which is the jump-off town for Mt. Maculot. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.

From the town proper, we started walking however, you can take a tricycle, and ask the driver to drop you off at the “Mountaineer’s Store”. The driver will automatically dropped you at the Barangay outpost where you need to pay P10.00 per head for the registration. When you plan to traverse Mt. Maculot to Grotto, it is important that you seek advise with the Barangay officials.

Make sure you bring enough water, always remind yourself to keep on drinking, because dehydration is a constant threat especially if you’re climbing around noon like we did. It took as almost an hour after we reached the campsite.

The ROCKIES! Honestly, I was surprised with the summit experience of Maculot. Perhaps, because it was “easier” compared to Mount Pinatubo, that I didn’t think it will be awesome on top. I was wrong. I think the photos say everything. By the way, that is Taal lake in the background.

Climbing Mt. Maculot-Rockies is just one of the many activities you can take pleasure in our Beautiful Batangas.

Family Bonding. If you’re looking for an activity that your whole family can bond together and spend special moments together where everyone can feel close, you may find it here in Mount Maculot. It’s nice to show and share the fun of traveling with the people you love especially with your family. It’s definitely more fun if you let them experience things you’re passionate about doing. Our family life is an important part of our life.

Families change over time, so it’s important that we have the skills to …

Corregidor |Filipino – American Friendship Park

In the Philippines, July 4 is Filipino-American Friendship Day celebrating the long-standing relations between the two countries. President Fidel V. Ramos designated July 4 each year as Philippine-American Friendship Day since 1996, formerly the Philippine Republic Day. A day in the Philippines designated to commemorate the official recognition of Philippine independence by the United States of America.The Philippines was a U.S. territory from 1898 to 1946. Between 1941 and 1946, during World War II Japanese occupation, it remained a U.S. territory with a government in exile headed by Manuel Quezon initially located in Australia and later in the United States. A campaign to retake the country began in October 1944, when General Douglas McArthur landed in Leyte along with Sergio Osmena who had assumed the Philippine presidency after Quezon’s death. The battles entailed long fierce fighting; some of the Japanese continued to fight until the official surrender of the Empire of Japan on September 2, 1945. The country gained complete independence on July 4, 1946.

Initially, the Philippines observed Independence Day every July 4, to coincide with the Independence Day celebration of the US. It did this from 1946 to 1964 when President Diosdado P. Macapagal signed Republic Act 4166, changing the date of Philippine Independence from July 4 to June 12, when General Emilio F. Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite in 1898. July 4 was called Philippine Republic Day.


Last year, Carl and I went to Corregidor, an island is tadpole-shaped, about three miles long, and in the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island. It faces the West Philippine Sea and is sandwiched by the provinces of Bataan and Cavite.
During World War II, Corregidor played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces. Heavily bombarded in the latter part of the war, the ruins left on the island serves as a military memorial to several American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers who served or lost their lives on the island.

The Filipino-American tandem during the World War II is being commemorated in this park. Its main feature is the ten-foot high statues of a Filipino and American soldier which symbolizes the two races’ unity in times of war.

Today, Corregidor Island is one of the favorite spots of tourists who have thirsts for Philippine history, particularly for relics of war. Today, what was left of the island are the silent witnesses to its bloodiest and most ferocious events – the national treasures, the ruins of the war.


Sun Cruises, Inc. (SCI) provides daily guided trips to the historical island of Corregidor. Sun Cruises traces its beginnings in August 1988 as a ferry service to the historical island of …

Boracay Experince : The World In An Island

 It may sound funny or odd, but it’s my first time to visit Boracay. I always refused to travel to this place before because I always thought that Boracay is overrated and just another place for ‘party animals’.

Well, I was wrong! Like what my friend, Maya Thompson said, “Boracay is a nice place if you want to have peace and relaxing vacay. Masseuse are everywhere and there are many things that I miss about this wonderful island.” She’s right, the island has a ton of things to offer. It’s up to you on how you’ll make your stay a moment of a lifetime.

I went along with my favorite travel buddies Carl, Tata, Bea and J-R. We stayed in an affordable and comfortable hotel located in Station 1, Isla Del Mar Boracay Beach Hotel. This accommodation has a lot to offer including free Wi-fi access, as well as the morning coffee. The location is wonderful as it has access to almost everything you may need. I strongly recommend this hotel.

When people think of the Philippines, the first thing comes in their mind is the beautiful powdery sand beaches of Boracay. The ‘pulvoron‘-like sand they’re talking about is what you’ll get in White Beach, the longest and the main tourism beach in Boracay. It’s about four kilometers long which is divided into 3 Stations.

We long the beach so much that we enjoyed the splashes of big waves, though they sometime hurt, that’s were we got the thrills! Also, it may sound cliché, make sure not to miss the sunset in Boracay….It’s breath-taking!

 Bulabog Beach is across the island from White Beach facing the east. Here is where you will see most of the actions. Activities like windsurfing and kite-boarding are held in this area. Also, jet skiing, parasailing and boating of all types.

What we did here was, first, Helmet Diving. As a first-timer, I was a bit worried and skeptical on how it’s being done. However, our guides, who are professional divers, taught us how to breathe properly in the helmet while underwater. As I sank 18-feet to the bottom, I felt the pressure in my ears, so I was always ‘equalizing‘ (releasing pressure out of my ears by popping them). When we are at the bottom, we got to feed a school of fish and got to have our pictures taken with a starfish. :)

After the dive, we went straight to Banana Boating. We were expecting for anyone of us to fall into the water as the banana boat was being tossed here and there…but it was an epic fail on their part because nobody fell. Hahahaha! I was laughing at them the whole

Standing Steel

Right in the heart of Manila, the Basilica Minore de San Sebastián commonly known as San Sebastian Church, the first and only all-steel church or basilica in Asia inaugurated on August 15, 1891. The 121-year-old church is located in the district of Quiapo, at Plaza del Cármen, at the eastern end of Claro M. Recto Avenue, west of Legarda Street and surrounded by old buildings and houses.

From LRT 2, inside the train, as it runs by, you simply can’t ignore it’s charm from a vantage.

Obviously, San Sebastian Church has a significantly unique style from other Roman Catholic Churches around Metro Manila, or in the Philippines. The Neo-Gothic Style for the church was done in 1883. The church was prefabricated in Belgium. It was shipped backed to the Philippines in six ships. It is said to weigh close to 50,000 tons. The church’s stained-glass windows were done in France.




Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, best known for his world famous Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 in Paris, France and and the steel structure within the Statue of Liberty in 1886, did the metal works for the first all-iron church in the world, the first iron edifice in Asia and the second in the world after Eiffle Tower.

Not known to many, not even apparently to the Recollect fathers who are its caretakers that the church was the handiwork of the famous builder. It was confirmed by Mr. Ambeth Ocampo, a historian. Eiffel had not designed the whole building but did design its metal structure, If you take a walk inside you can see Eiffel’s signature design.


Don Genaro Palacios, the Director of Public Works for the Spanish Insular government, the architect who recommended a new church be built of steel. The original wood building was burned down in 1651 and the following brick structures were destroyed by fires and earthquakes in 1859, 1863, and 1800. Within the church’s apple-green and white façade, flanked by massive spires, San Sebastian’s interior is faux-finished to simulate jasper and marble. Iconography painted by the Academy of Lorenzo Rocha, adorn its walls.



In 1973, the San Sebastián Church is a declared National Historical Landmark per Presidential Decree No. 260. However, due to it’s location, the sea breeze from Manila Bay conveyed and rusting away San Sebastian Church, a major threat to its structural integrity. It was included in the Watch List of World Monuments Fund in 1998 and 2010 World’s Most Endangered Sites.

In May 2010, in New York, a fundraising event for the project and for the establishment of Bakás Pilipinas. In July 2011, the project received a $96,000 award from the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation of the U.S. Department of …