Boracay Experince : The World In An Island

 It may sound funny or odd, but it’s my first time to visit Boracay. I always refused to travel to this place before because I always thought that Boracay is overrated and just another place for ‘party animals’.

Well, I was wrong! Like what my friend, Maya Thompson said, “Boracay is a nice place if you want to have peace and relaxing vacay. Masseuse are everywhere and there are many things that I miss about this wonderful island.” She’s right, the island has a ton of things to offer. It’s up to you on how you’ll make your stay a moment of a lifetime.

I went along with my favorite travel buddies Carl, Tata, Bea and J-R. We stayed in an affordable and comfortable hotel located in Station 1, Isla Del Mar Boracay Beach Hotel. This accommodation has a lot to offer including free Wi-fi access, as well as the morning coffee. The location is wonderful as it has access to almost everything you may need. I strongly recommend this hotel.

When people think of the Philippines, the first thing comes in their mind is the beautiful powdery sand beaches of Boracay. The ‘pulvoron‘-like sand they’re talking about is what you’ll get in White Beach, the longest and the main tourism beach in Boracay. It’s about four kilometers long which is divided into 3 Stations.

We long the beach so much that we enjoyed the splashes of big waves, though they sometime hurt, that’s were we got the thrills! Also, it may sound cliché, make sure not to miss the sunset in Boracay….It’s breath-taking!

 Bulabog Beach is across the island from White Beach facing the east. Here is where you will see most of the actions. Activities like windsurfing and kite-boarding are held in this area. Also, jet skiing, parasailing and boating of all types.

What we did here was, first, Helmet Diving. As a first-timer, I was a bit worried and skeptical on how it’s being done. However, our guides, who are professional divers, taught us how to breathe properly in the helmet while underwater. As I sank 18-feet to the bottom, I felt the pressure in my ears, so I was always ‘equalizing‘ (releasing pressure out of my ears by popping them). When we are at the bottom, we got to feed a school of fish and got to have our pictures taken with a starfish. :)

After the dive, we went straight to Banana Boating. We were expecting for anyone of us to fall into the water as the banana boat was being tossed here and there…but it was an epic fail on their part because nobody fell. Hahahaha! I was laughing at them the whole time because of this. Anyway, just to make sulit, the banana boat served as our ride back to the shore. :D

The next day, after having a heavy brunch while watching the live NBA Finals (Miami vs Oklahoma City), we decided to go to Puka Beach! Since, we were on a tight budget, we took a trike instead of hiring a boat. Yes, you can go there by land (aren’t we clever?). We actually saved 85% of the actual price if we hire a boat for an island hopping. Because, the lowest offer we had for an island hopping experience was P1000.00 ($24.00) and trike driver only charged us P150.00 ($3.50). As a matter of fact, you can’t go island hopping because there are no other island to hop around Boracay (again, aren’t we clever?..hehehe). :)

Puka Beach is located in the northern-most part of Boracay. I noticed that there are only few people who visits this beach. This is the less developed part part of the island. Perfect for sun-bathing, relaxation and just goofing around, which by the way, we did, since it was our last day in Boracay. :(

Well, of course, we didn’t want to go back to Manila without experiencing the nightlife here…Halleeeer! So we decided to go to a bar named “Epic” (which was suggested by our tour guide, Chiqui). On the way to the bar, we saw fire poi dancers who were really talented in this art. AMAZING!!!

At the bar, we ate, drank and danced. Yup, we danced. :D


(This video has been featured on CGE TV In Da Loop.)