How to Buy Adsense Account In 2016

I told you a few days ago that prior to monetize your blog , there are steps to be followed, including the one to wait at least 3 months so that your blog has gained some popularity and has minimal content to be accepted by the blog monetization platforms especially adsense.

Or, if you want to buy adsense account at low price you can go to this website to get your adsense account approved instantly!

Now this is the only easiest way to get your adsense account approved and you must keep your website completely within the adsense terms and conditions.

There are many websites that sell adsense account. But only a few are providing legitimate adsense accounts. So be careful while you are buying your adsense account especially in 2016.

Now after the adsense account approval, it is a very easy process to get started with adsense.

There are ad units and banners that can be found after you login to your adsense account. Each time when a visitors clicks on the ad in your website, you get a small amount from Google.

On the other side, it is the advertisers (brands and businesses) who pay Google to have advertising on other sites like ours: they called this is as pay per click.

Google thus manages to put advertisements in the same niche of your website. Indeed, someone who goes on a jewelry website will be more inclined to see jewelry type ads in their website.

You will have advertisements that will be the same as the theme of your blog.

How much your adsense account will earn every day?

You should know that each click will make you less than 1 euro to 1 cent. And the click rate must be 1:10 ratio if you want your adsense account to be completely safe. This means that you can earn a very very very small amount ! Unless you have millions of visitors on you blog, it certainly not possible to live without this type of income. On my old blogs where I had about 1,000 to 1,500 visitors a month, I make around $2 everyday …

While it is not a main source of my online income, I find that advertisements give my website a side business. We can later replace them with affiliate banners.

Do not put too much adsense ads on your website, because it tires the reader who does not know where to read and click, and he will eventually get bored and close your site. (Between Google allows 3 maximum ads on your site).

You can also look over techcurnch site if you want more adsense tips. In the upcoming articles i will be adding more details about how to find legitimate adsense sellers and how to buy your adsense account safely.