Hiking Mount Maculot| Perfect for Family Bonding.

Mount Maculot, a major tourist attraction from our province Batangas, in the town of Cuenca. It’s popular among mountain climbers and campers. The trail can be hiked by first-time climbers as it is an easy trail. It is not far from Manila, more famous during holy week.

Elevation: Mount Maculot, 947 m (3,107 ft); The Rockies 700 m (2,300 ft)

If you’re from Batangas, you know that there’s a folklore that continue to tell children that if they don’t brush their hair with fine-toothed comb before sleeping, the kuto (head louse) will fly them to Mt. Maculot where a giant louse lives. The name Maculot derived from the Tagalog word kulot, meaning kinky/curly. It is said that curly-haired Aetas once lived in this mountain.

How To Get There

The morning after Easter Sunday, we (Me together with my father and little sister) decided to hike the Mount Pinatubo for the first time. It was a 45-minute drive from Balayan to Cuenca by motorbike. If your coming from Manila, you can take any Lemery bound bus can take you to Cuenca which is the jump-off town for Mt. Maculot. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.

From the town proper, we started walking however, you can take a tricycle, and ask the driver to drop you off at the “Mountaineer’s Store”. The driver will automatically dropped you at the Barangay outpost where you need to pay P10.00 per head for the registration. When you plan to traverse Mt. Maculot to Grotto, it is important that you seek advise with the Barangay officials.

Make sure you bring enough water, always remind yourself to keep on drinking, because dehydration is a constant threat especially if you’re climbing around noon like we did. It took as almost an hour after we reached the campsite.

The ROCKIES! Honestly, I was surprised with the summit experience of Maculot. Perhaps, because it was “easier” compared to Mount Pinatubo, that I didn’t think it will be awesome on top. I was wrong. I think the photos say everything. By the way, that is Taal lake in the background.

Climbing Mt. Maculot-Rockies is just one of the many activities you can take pleasure in our Beautiful Batangas.

Family Bonding. If you’re looking for an activity that your whole family can bond together and spend special moments together where everyone can feel close, you may find it here in Mount Maculot. It’s nice to show and share the fun of traveling with the people you love especially with your family. It’s definitely more fun if you let them experience things you’re passionate about doing. Our family life is an important part of our life.

Families change over time, so it’s important that we have the skills to keep each other close to manage our family relationship happy and healthy. Keep the flame burning in my heart. 🙂