Pacsafe | The World’s Most Secure Backpack

Have you been victimized by thieves? If yes, you’re not alone, and I personally hate it! Having your stuff stolen while traveling is a misadventure and it’s should not be (at any point) included in your experience. It will definitely ruin your vacation. So, how can we travel in a worry-free adventure? Well, here’s a dedicated gear creating smart new ways to keep your stuff secure!


Meet Pacsafe, a brand with a mission is to empower people to travel with confidence and peace of mind. Pacsafe is a high-quality smart travel gear with built-in innovative anti-theft technology.

It was born in 1998. It was established in Hong Kong by two Australian travelers, Rob Schlipper and Magnus McGlashan, who sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries.

Pacsafe is also now in the Philippines! Making it the first and only anti-theft bag and travelware in the country.

Ultimatesafe 32L Anti Theft Backpack

Here’s the official backpack of ‘Hari ng Lakbay‘, the award-winning Ultimatesafe 32L anti-theft adventure travel pack. It is the world’s most secure backpack. Not only does it meet international maximum carry-on standards, it’s ideal for long “weekend get-aways” and is large enough to store all your gear and stuff. Personally, this is the best backpack I’ve ever seen! It’s totally amazing!


The Ultimatesafe™ 32L won the OutDoor Industry award in Germany, 2011 for innovation and quality. It was also the recepient of Gearjunkie’s ‘Best in Show‘ 2011 award, as a stand-out product in innovation. In 2012, the Ultimatesafe 32L was listed on the Best Rated Reviews site as a recommended item.

The Ultimatesafe 32L is packed with outstanding anti-theft features, such as the portable Travelsafe 20L, removable laptop sleeve, eXomesh® cage system, slashproof staps and RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket keep an eye on your valuables and electronic gear, allowing you to keep your eyes on the things that really matter.

The Travelsafe 20L

Worried about your stuff everytime you leave the hotel? If your hotel doesn’t have a safe/locker (i.e youth hostels, guest houses, campsites and B&B’s) it would be wise to use this portable Travelsafe™ 20L to protect your belongings. It can store all your valuables and can be locked and left to a secure fixture to deter opportunistic thieves. It’s large enough to stash a 17″ laptop, DSLR camera and other valuables, yet it can be folded down small to make travel easier.

It has Smart eXomesh cage system. eXomesh is a protective slashproof wire mesh product that has been woven together using stainless steel cables and crimps. Their inspiration behind the original Pacsafe product and travel security products came while travelling in South America, where they saw chicken wire put around bags to protect it against thieves.
Additional features:
• Weather resistant                                          • Easy to use
• Folds up when not in use                                • Lightweight
• Use inside any existing bag / pouch                • Fits camera insert
Once your stuff are placed inside the Travelsafe, the top of the pouch is closed by cinching the stainless steel coil drawstring which is woven into the top of the pouch. The drawstring coil secures the bag and is kept firmly closed by a reinforced high-impact resistant polycarbonate locking system. The steel coil is then wrapped around or through a stationary device (tree, metal frame, bicycle) and fastened with a hardened shackle brass padlock.

The Venturesafe 50: A Smart digi pouch!

Stash digital gear and valuables in this secure, lightweight little number that can be worn around your neck or attached to your belt. I love wear it everyday, it makes me feel safe. :D

The Venturesafe 50 anti-theft digi-pouch is ideal for carrying your digital camera, mobile phone or mp3 player, as well as your credit cards and cash while sightseeing and exploring. Inner organisation compartments provide a functional yet compact way of keeping your valuable digital gear secure.

Additional features:
• Main zippered compartment            • Velcro and buckle closure on front flap
• Internal padded slip pocket             • Headphone port
• Adjustable strap                            • Small slip pocket for memory cards or SIM cards
• Slip pocket for storing neck cord

In every Pacsafe product, it has a clear one purpose, and that is to help us outsmart all threats ― the pickpockets, the bag slashers, the bag snatchers and those sneaky, opportunistic thieves.

travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.
Yes, travel should be about freedom. About feeling safe that’s unstoppable. The freedom of travel opens the mind to unlimited possibilities.

By the way, it’s no coincidence that Pacsafe logo’s a turtle. It’s actually their inspiration. With the turtle’s protective armor, it can wander the globe safe and sound. No inhibitions and no holding back. Like the turtle, when your gear’s secure, you can do everything and more!